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paultheotherone's Journal
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in paultheotherone's LiveJournal:

Monday, January 1st, 2007
9:15 pm
Longing for you
It's been a while, of that I'm conscious, and although my words have been conspicuously absent from here - my thoughts have remained, and they burn brightly.

I long to hold you, to brush my fingers from your cheek to your neck...gently sliding the soft brown hair that prevents me from pressing my lips to these places, away. I want to feel you pressing against me, to see your eyes sparkling as if lit by stars, and to breathe you deep, and to savour your scent.

There is a desire, to run my hands down your back, and hold you in them, as I lean down to kiss your lips. I need to remember what you taste like, and I'm attempting to remain tender before more rampant passion takes over, as it always seems to.
I have to feel your skin against mine, to bathe in your soft warmth, and to feel your gentle touch....knowing that lightly raking nails would not be too far behind......
I want to be cupping your breasts, and leaving a trail of warm (and then cooling) kisses from your neck to the soft curves and budded tips that protrude so prominently from your lace bra. I bite one, nipping hard enough to make you exhale, my lips curling in a smile at the reaction.

However, I want to feel you more intimately, around me....so I kneel before you, and pull down your knickers, while retaining eye contact throughout. The lips of your sex are far too inviting not to be kissed, and so I do, as I watch you momentarily shut your eyes. They open immediately as my hungry mouth directs my tongue to first lick, and then to part those lips. You're wet, so very wet, and you taste.....divine. I'm careful to take your clit between my teeth, and just exert enough pressure to let me feel your hips buck slightly against me.

My needs now start to take control of me, and I need to be inside you.... I have to be.... So I lay you back on your bed, and whisper as much to you, but I find your hands already pulling me closer as you part your legs and raise your hips to meet me.
As I penetrate you, I bite your bottom lip, pulling on it, causing you a little pain as I pleasure you....I'm thrusting now....pumping into you, feeling your juices around me, causing the noise I love to hear. I can feel you clenching your cunt around me, as if pulling me in...I grab your hair, biting your neck.....
I can feel your climax building, as mine also reaches a peak, I grip your wrists as be both give into the ecstasy of cumming together....my favourite time with you.
We both collapse in each others arms, flushed, and sated, as I look at you and stroke your hair.....
The twinkle in my eye tells you that our night will be long and you smile with that wicked smile that I love so.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
10:17 pm
Short work
As she cleared away items from her desk - the open office having been vacated by her colleagues, minutes earlier - she heard his footsteps as he approached. The smile on her face quickly replaced the frown that had found it's way there earlier. The day hadn't started well, but was destined to finish with what she needed.
He walked around the desk, put his hands on her hips, and pulled her close. Her eyes closed as he nuzzled her neck....his hands reaching inside the blouse that had been put on in such a hurry, that morning. She had a feeling that when they arrived back at her appartment, it's removal would rival that haste. He gently squeezed the firm breast that he had cupped.
With a promise whispered in her ear, he sat on the edge of her desk, parting her legs with his knee.....and pressing firmly, through her trousers and against her cunt. His mouth reaching for hers, and savouring the warmth of it as their tongues began to dance.

She smiled as she broke the kiss, and buttoned up her blouse. Grabbing her bag and jacket....she held on to his hand tightly, pulling him towards the stairs.
"Drive quickly, my darling.....tonight, I take control. And you....you will do exactly as I tell you..."
Her eyes were bright, brown, and meant business.

Current Mood: loved
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
2:37 pm
For you
She had been gone for an indeterminable length of time. The longing was bordering on unbearable, the distraction, obvious, in every aspect of his life.

His work had suffered, his ability to smile as much as he used to, had waned. Life was not as good as it had been before.

The longing was beginning to hurt, to threaten his well-being, and make rational decisions.

So, when he glimpsed her, as she made her way way back to him, his heart jumped and sang..... His breath quickened with each approaching footstep - until he couldn't wait, and strode towards her..... pulling her close..... and holding her once again in his arms. To be able to smell her scent and to feel her soft skin against his, was reward for the time lost. He shed a single tear as he pressed his lips to hers.

At that moment, he knew that he wouldn't be able to let her go again.

Current Mood: loved
Friday, July 21st, 2006
1:48 pm
Short and sweet
You were busy closing the shop. The last customer having left seconds earlier. The jingling sound of the hanging door bell still fresh in your ears, and having just turned the sign to "CLOSED" on the shop door. Tidying away anything unused, placing paper bags back in drawers. You hum a soft tune as you work, in contentment.

I walk in through a rear door, placing my hands on your hips, and lean down placing my face close to your cheek...letting my sense of smell appreciate the favoured vanilla aroma from your hair.
"Darling....", I say, as I nuzzle your exposed neck, "leave this to me, go and relax...and I'll be with you in 5 minutes"
You turn, smile and wrap your arms up around my neck, planting a delighted kiss upon my lips. I smile and let my fingertips graze over the swell of your breast, as you turn.

I shall look after you tonight, and see to everything that you need. You deserve to be treated.

As you close the door behind you, I start to complete the tidying up that you had started. I nibble on an unsold piece of chocolate, as I finish up.

Current Mood: grateful
1:40 pm
Snaffled from sensuousparadox
Respond to this post and I will give you the three words that I think MOST accurately describe you.

Current Mood: peaceful
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
11:57 am
There was a charge of erotic satisfaction as I received various "tasks", which were to be performed during my working day.
Some were easier than others.
Some took longer to complete.
All were immensely enjoyed.

It's good to have something take your mind off of the dull ache of work.
And it's also good to be led (very much astray), on occasions.

Current Mood: naughty
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
8:36 pm
Not quite the word to start off a new journal, but this is my first entry since starting it, as I've been happy, thus far, to just explore groups and join communities - adding a few users in the process.

Like many others this is an identity that allows me to express, freely, sexual desires and preferences, and also to see if I can squeeze a little bit of story writing out of myself. More of which will follow in my next post, possibly this evening.
I also should update my profile, as it currently makes for scant reading, as well as to chose a user pic that suits. All shall be completed shortly.

For now, I welcome all who will read in here.

Current Mood: creative
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